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product review: JimmyCase for the iPhone 6s

Full disclosure: this is an honest product review written in exchange for a complimentary case! Read on.

We’re a house divided; Ralph is partial to the Samsung Galaxy, and I’ve loved iPhones since he bought me my first. One thing I get to have, that he doesn’t though? Is a JimmyCase. I don’t remember the year I got my first iPhone, but I do remember splurging on my first JimmyCase two years ago exactly. I wanted an iPhone card holder that was compact and simple – something for my ID and the handful of debit and credit cards I use. I dunno, I have this dream of never ever having to carry a purse around (this is one reason everything I sew for myself has great-big-DEEP-pockets!) – and one thing I love is having this phone and my cards in one hand, all day long. The Pacific Northwest hipster in me approves of the mahogany detail; and the fiber artist in me adores the bright, thick elastic, too!

I bought my first case (specifically, the iPhone 6s wallet case) in the navy and orange and it’s been lovely the last two years. I’ve had a lot of compliments and as much as I like accessorizing, I haven’t wanted to switch case styles. Turns out my original colorway was smart – as you can’t clean the elastic and over time no matter how careful you are, the case is going to get dirty. Darker colors weather better.

So – given that the case is looking a little rough, I was literally poking around the site again a couple weeks ago and thought, “Mannnn… I need to buy myself a case. Maybe when we recover from Christmas!” When lo and behold I was contacted via email and asked to do a review in exchange for a new outfit. Would I be interested?

Would I? So I enlisted my kids’ help – my oldest selected the rainbow version because Hey, Pride! – and I received the case last week. And it’s gorgeous. I’ve already had a few compliments and I’ve only been sporting it a couple days.

OK – 

Enough talk!

So here are a few pictures, before I leave off. Here’s the packaging for the new case:

JimmyCase for iPhone 6s

Made in the USA! Super-legit:

JimmyCase for iPhone 6s

Below: here’s the new case and the old. You can see the mahogany has popped out of the rubber casing; and you can also see the elastic is dirty. But this is after two years of constant use!

JimmyCase for iPhone 6s
One more heads-up. Probably everyone knows this – but me. I did not remove the case, and clean the phone – ever, in two years! This allowed some dust to creep in between the phone and the case (shown below) – and sadly this means I let my iPhone is pitted on the backside! So if you have this case – or ANY case – and you care about pitting, make sure to regularly separate and clean the two!
JimmyCase for iPhone 6s

And finally – I dropped my phone – a lot. It’s embarrassing. I suck. I have literally not one scratch on the front of the phone, even without a clear screen protector. The little rubber lip is just adequate to protect that screen. This case is the tits and I’ll probably buy a new one every two years. I won’t lie though – it was nice to get a freebie!

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