for tomorrow’s repast


Today in the kitchen: making up a batch of seitan. Blending spices and miso and tofu and vital wheat gluten; kneading and pressing. Baking while heating the spicy, redolent broth to simmer with. Vegan cooking somehow makes me so profoundly happy it is almost impossible to describe. It seems we spend less, eat better, and enjoy everything so much more.

Upon waking, my 13 year old son opens his eyes and says, “What is that unbelievably good smell?” I am transported back to the days when the children were littles and I wasn’t sewing as much (and certainly not as a business owner) and I cooked so much more than I do today. Today, these days I am overworked and jumpy and not quite as able to walk through my kitchen chopping and sauteing and washing up with fragrant, thick soap suds.

In the studio I watch a lesson on sewing with organdy and organza, slowly adding to my repertoire of skills. I print out a template for costume sewing. Answer an email and snap a photo for a potential client. Upstairs again and switch off the hot broth pot and set aside; making a plan for tomorrow. To the grocery store for seltzer water, celery and an onion, for kombucha for Ralph and gallon ziploc bags for freezing. Another fall day with those quiet responsibilities wherein life passes in measured tread.

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