“… And to be honest with you, for about 20 minutes, I also thought about making a dress out of people.”

Help A Girl Start Streaming!

Hey peeps! I need your help.

I want to start a streaming channel, and I’ll need your support do to it! If that’s all you need to know – hop on over to my donate button.

But if you’re new to my blog, please take a few minutes and read on.

I’ve been creating tutorials, instructions, and sew-alongs online since 2006. I’ve helped thousands of people and caught millions of views. Tech tools and a modicum of skill at wrangling these tools has worked well for this small-time girl here in Aberdeen. I’ve given lessons, sourced resources, and offered instruction, sew-alongs, and tutorials through Skype, Facetime, Twitter, Facebook, email, text, on this blog.

In my year of live videos I produced, it became clear that people benefit tremendously from live video and demonstration as well as the ability to ask questions and interact. To that end, my partner and I have been doing our research so I can start a regularly-scheduled sewing stream. This is my desire, for 2019: to sew weekly, sew the things you want me to, and demonstrate the methods you want to see. Ralph and I put the time in researching the correct cameras (type and quantity), microphone, and software tools, and we are ready to get started! We needed any work I do to be filmed and recorded well in terms of auditory and visual components. We created a shopping list of tools that are quality but not overkill, so we can get to filming good content as soon as possible!

And that’s where you come in! Your donation – big or small – will help us make this reality.

And as a bonus for anyone who donates, your name will be entered into a drawing. On Christmas eve, I will draw a name. If I choose you, I will craft you a special snuggly hoodie – branded from The Vegan Tailor, Bespoke Hogaboom, or made plain – in a custom color and fabric – as a small token of my appreciation, and to celebrate meeting this goal!

Finally: while I put scramble together my resources for this little filming studio in my basement, I am of course I am currently hosting my single sew-along for this year: the Merlo Field Tee from Sew House 7. This sew-along is for the beginner or harried sewist who wants to make just a little time for themselves – whether they sew for their own pleasure or as a gift for a loved one.

If you’d like to sew with us (starting December 1st) you can get started on the sew-along (here) and sign up for email updates (here).

If you’d like to donate to my streaming fund drive, please click below.

And thank you for your support!


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