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Today we went live on Facebook and made up our Jalie socks; we had a great time! I was especially pleased that several people sewed their own socks along with me, and others gave feedback on the stream. This kind of participation really helps me create a helpful and coherent stream.

If you are just finding this post, but want to make the socks yourself, you can start at my materials list, and continue on.

Below is our calendar for the year’s “Seams Legit” sewing classes (pdf version). Each month, we will be creating a slightly more complex garment than the last; we will also be building on the skills we learned the month before. The best way to keep abreast of the calendar is simply to made a date in your own planner. The relevant dates are as follows:

the materials list for each project will be published on the first of the month;

and the sewing sessions will start on the last Friday of the month.

Starting in June, the lessons will take more than one session to complete them. I will simply be sewing on consecutive days, starting on the last Friday of the month, until the project is completed. Keeping it simple!

If you have Facebook, go ahead and Like my page; RSVP to the Event each month.

Any questions? Post them here!

2019 "Seams Legit" calendar
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