“seams legit” sewing lesson: thermal socks!

Kelly Hogaboom, Thermal Socks LivestreamUpdate: the streaming class is available here on Facebook. A little of the audio is muted but only here and there; you should be able to follow along just fine.

Happy New Year!

Dear readers, I have been working very hard on developing my streaming sewing channel – with loads of help from you all! I am still working on some of the tech assembly – lights, and additional cameras and furnishings – and to that end your donations help me a great deal. If you have the funds, any amount helps. Thank you for your support!

But ready or not, I am launching my little channel January!

So here’s how it’s going to go down. On the first day of the month (today!), I will post a supply list as well as a few tips to get ready. And on the last Friday at 12 PM PST, we will sew together! I will be broadcasting from my Twitch channel, and streaming on Facebook. If you have Facebook, the best way to keep abreast of these monthly dates is to Like my Facebook page, and RSVP to my event. If you do not have Facebook, either comment here that you would like email updates, or email me to get on my list.

Without any further ado: January 2019’s pattern is Jalie 2448, a thermal sock pattern developed from stretch fleece! This pattern is typical Jalie excellence, in sizes 0 for babies (UM? Hello?) up to women’s size 12.*

Jalie 2448 - thermal socks

All you need to make these socks are as follows:

1. Your pattern
2. A sewing machine that produces a reliable, balanced wide zig zag
3. 24″ of 4-way stretch fabric
4. thread (polyester, cotton wrapped poly, or stretch thread)
5. a zig zag or stretch needle

You need a fabric that stretches 30% in both the lengthwise and crosswise grain (here is a brief video explanation, if you are confused). There are many knits that stretch like this, and many that do not. If you’re buying your fabric in person, this is very easy to test. If you’re buying online, you should know a few things first.

For instance, many people like making these socks in fleece. There are many, many cozy fleece fabrics out there – but they are often just a 2-way stretch, made of 10)% polyester. They stretch on the crossgrain, but not on the lengthwise grain. For nice, cozy fleece socks, you will need a fleece that stretches in both directions – which means it contains lycra (also called spandex or elastane). This fleece that stretches in both directions is commonly called a 4-way stretch fleece (and sometimes, a 2-way stretch)! Polartech makes a great product line called Power Stretch (check out this bitchin’ video!), which is Jalie’s recommendation for this pattern.

You can find suitable stretch fleeces in local fabric shops, and also a few online outlets. The best site I’ve yet found is Discovery Trekking Outfitters (in Canada), which clearly lists their available colors in one location as well as exactly which of their fleeces feature 4-way stretch. The Rain Shed has a stock of 4-way stretch fabrics, and Mill Yardage and Rockywoods both have a few. The latter two sites do not list degree of stretch so you may want to call to be sure, if you select a fabric from them. Finally, Peek-a-boo pattern shop has a few 4-way stretch fabrics and lists the degree of stretch in detail!

You do not need to make these socks from fleece, of course! The pair I am modeling here, are from one of my favorite fabrics: the bamboo stretch french terry (again – make sure to get a 4-way stretch version for any french terry you use).

So how much fabric do you need? Not much! 24″ of a 59″ knit, is plenty. In fact you will have plenty of yardage left over to make multiple pair!

Jalie 2448 - thermal socks yardage chart
The pattern is a PDF, meaning you can buy and print right at home. It is exceedingly easy to assemble the pattern once you print it – like so:

Jalie 2448 - thermal socks print layout

So that’s it! Once you’ve purchased your pattern and fabric, we will be ready to sew on the 25th. Make sure your machine is clean and oiled and can produce a balanced zig-zag stitch. And we’ll see you then!

Questions? Pop them down below!

* You have some additional options for patterns:

1. #504, the Polar Sock pattern, from Green Pepper. This is a paper pattern, so you will want to order it and give yourself plenty of time for it to arrive. This pattern comes in shoe size child 0 to men’s 13, and features both 2-way and 4-way stretch versions.

Green Pepper 504 - polar socks
2. The Rain Shed thermal socks pattern. This pattern comes in foot size 4″ to 11 1/3″, and features options for both 2- and 4-way stretch.

Rain Shed fleece socks

3. The Made for Mermaids 90s’ sock pattern . This is a pdf pattern that comes in nine sizes, from baby to adult XL – 4″ to 12 1/2″ foot length). 4-way stretch only.

Made for Mermaids 90s socks

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