“seams legit” sewing lesson: pyjama pants!

Kelly Hogaboom, Pyjamas Livestream

Update: the live video is here on Facebook.

It’s April, and spring is well underway here in the Pacific Northwest! We had a lovely time sewing a bralette in March; and this month we are stepping into woven fabrics (literally) by creating a simple pair of pyjama pants with pockets!

A reminder that for all sew-alongs in my Seams Legit series you need:

1. a machine with its manual; the machine needs to be tuned-up and sewing a balanced zig-zag
2. the supplies listed in the pattern, as well as a thorough read-through of the pattern you use

I demonstrate all my cutting with rotary and mat. You will need your fabrics pre-washed and your paper pattern printed and cut, by Friday the 26th at noon PST.

So! Let’s talk about this month’s project!

Whether or not we know it at the time, most of us first start our sewing exploits with woven fabrics. They are stable, they are more generally available (many of us small-town stitchers get our start by using the quilting cottons from local shops) and for a variety of reasons they are used in more beginner projects and classes.

This has been changing of late, though. With the advent of more independent sewing pattern designers we are seeing far more patterns designed for knit fabrics. This has led to a larger baseline knowledge of knit-sewing in the DIY community, as well as many knit custom fabric suppliers – a wonderful change indeed!

It’s possible you, reader, already know a great deal about the difference between knit and woven fabrics. But if you don’t, I recommend reading this “Threads” article. Consider it a bit of homework. Don’t worry too much if you don’t catch all the import of the article; you just want a general idea. As you go forth in your sewing exploits you will need to know the differences between not only these two types of fabrics but the different types of fabrics within each class, as well.

There are many, many pyjama patterns out there – woven and knit alike. For our April class, I will be using the 5 out of 4 Pajama Pants pattern – which is free! It comes with the following size range:

  waist: 20″ to 64″
  hip: 26″ to 65″

My advice is that you acquire the pattern, print it off, pour a cup of coffee or tea, and read through it. 


   Rotary cutter and mat

   Sewing machine with balanced zig zag; sewing machine manual

   Thread and Universal or sharp MACHINE needle

   cotton or linen woven fabric

   1 1/4″ non-roll or waistband elastic

   optional: drawstring (I will demonstrate how to make a drawstring in class)


The exact quantities of each material are detailed in your pattern, which is why it is important to read through your pattern. The pyjama pants are suitable for apparel or quilting-weight cotton, linen, lawn, voile, or double-gauze. Rayon challis or crepe would also make a very lovely pair of pyjama pants, but is a bit trickier to work with.

I am always available here or through email, if you have any questions!

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