seams legit: anorak

OK so – last month, we made up our trousers. I almost perished here and there, but we got through it – with great results, to be honest!

So listen – this month we’re amping things up before our break for Halloween sewing in October. We are making an anorak – a loose-fitting, raglan coat featuring lots of pockets, sleeve tabs, a detachable hood – and a full lining!

It’s going to be legit!

The pattern we are using for this sew-along is the Andie pattern by Rebecca Page. There are two versions of the pattern: a child’s and a women’s (you can also buy both in the bundle). You can see plenty of great tester photos in the Facebook album!

Chest: 16 1/2″ to 30″

Bust: 30″ – 54″
Hip: 33″ – 57″

A reminder that for all sew-alongs in my Seams Legit series you need:

1. a machine with its manual; the machine needs to be tuned-up and sewing a balanced zig-zag

2. the supplies listed in the pattern, as well as a thorough read-through of the pattern you use

This sew-along will take place in installments:

1. September 25, 2019: cutting, interfacing, & marking [ video here ]2. September 26, 2019: back, loops, and straps [ video here ]3. September 27, 2019: coat construction [ video here ]4. September , 2019: finishing and hood [ video here ]


Rotary cutter and mat; marking tools & tracing medium

Sewing machine with balanced zig zag; sewing machine manual

Andie pattern (children’s, women’s, or bundle)

Thread and machine needle: universal or sharp

Bottomweight fabric such as linen, suiting, twill, or cotton

Lining fabric

Snaps or buttons

Sliders (optional)

Drawstring (for optional hood)

Eyelets (for optional hood)

Non-stretch interfacing (1 yard)

So here’s what you need to do:

1. read through this post, & purchase your pattern & supplies

2. pre-treat your fabrics

3. sew with us live in September (on my FB page or my Twitch stream)!

Start here, with video 1:

Kelly Hogaboom, anorak livestream


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