#simonsayssew with Kelly Hogaboom and Julian Collins

#simonsayssew with kelly hogaboom & julian collins

Update: all videos are live, and you can watch them here:

Last month we led you through a pair of jeans – this month, a button-up shirt! This is a fantastic and versatile project, carefully selected for both an inclusive gender expression and size range!

This is a very exciting project – hosted by myself alongside my friend Julian Collins out of Cincinnati. We are broadcasting on Facebook and Twitch, with a couple IG Live sessions thrown in! If you join us – make sure to tag your project with #simonsayssew!

And we will walk you – step by step – in making a menswear-stye button-up!

Chris Hemsworth, #simonsayssew

My project conspirator is Julian Collins (@juliancreates on IG), creator of the Sew “Manly” group on Facebook and charter member of the Black Makers Matter project on IG. Julian is an experienced hobbyist/semi-pro tailor and he’s a lot of fun!

For this sew-along you will need:

1. A tuned up machine that can sew a balanced zig zag, and your machine manual
2. Your pattern, notions, and materials (see below)
3. All thread, cutting and marking implements, et cetera

We are doing the bulk of our sewing mid July. All my livestreams are at 5 PM Pacific; all my sewing sessions will be broadcast on my Facebook page and my twitch (subscribe!). In addition, Julian and I will be going up on IGLive together to help you through (so – follow us, for heaven’s sake)!

And finally: don’t forget to join Julian’s Sew “Manly” group, where a lot of the action will be taking place!

Here is our calendar – all events are Pacific time, and all but one are 5 PM:

FRI 3: IG LIVE (talking about our project, mostly, and our supplies)
FRI 10: drafting the pattern 
MON 13: cutting and marking 
WED 15: cuffs and collar; yokes and darts
FRI 17: button placket & shoulder seams
SAT 18: IG LIVE (project check-in, 3 PM)
TUE 21: sleeve placket & armscye
WED 22: side seams,
cuffs, & collar 
THU 23: hem, buttons, & buttonholes
FRI 24: IG LIVE recap!

That’s a lot to remember; so please subscribe to my live calendar link if you want to get hooked in!

Now – let’s talk a bit about a button-up shirt! You can click the images below to get to your pattern:



We want our livestream to help as many people as possible. And let me first say that no matter your body size and shape, this button up shirt will work for you!

The number one requirement is that you take accurate measurements, to upload to the FreeSewing.org site and draft your pattern. You will essentially be uploading a person to the site (my July client will be my husband), and then drafting the pattern to fit them.

The pattern will then use these body measurements, to draft a pattern to fit the individual you select. The Simon pattern uses 11 body measurements; the Simone 14. I will be demonstrating how to upload and draft the pattern on Friday the 10th, so join me on my page or my twitch if you’d like to watch me live!

Other helpful tips: if you are a beginner, or if you have not made a few button-ups for your intended wearer, I suggest you don’t make too many style adjustments – of the many that can be made – because you are less likely to make fitting errors and it will be easy to troubleshoot any problems.

Finally, if you are serious about sewing – and you like my instruction – you might consider joining my lovely Discord community, and inclusive and body liberationist sewing group! (Incidentally, this is the best place to get FREE GRATIS sewing business advice, if that’s something you’re interested… or you think you might be).


Materials Needed:
Pattern (I print mine at pdfplotting.com)
Shirting as per pattern recommendations *
Interfacing *
Buttons (I like a 5/8″)
Thread: construction/all-purpose, and topstitching (optional)

Remember – your sewing machine needs its manual, you need to be able to sew a balanced zig zag, and you will need cutting and marking tools! In addition, you may find the following helpful:

Wax paper and wheel/tools for tracing and marking
Bone folder (a vegan version, of course!)
A buttonhole chisel
Glue stick
Spray starch
Your super cool label/back patch – and yes, homemade is awesome!

Print, tape, and cut out your paper pattern. Pretreat your fabrics. Thread your machine.

And then we’ll see you on IG Live on the 3rd – and on Bespoke Hogaboom (Facebook/Twitch) on the 10th! 

We’re looking forward to #simonsayssew!

* here is a great list of shops owned and operated by BIPOC and Allies!

Simon shirt sew-along, Kelly Hogaboom / Bespoke Hogaboom

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