#spookalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom

the bespoke hogaboom SPOOK-ALONG!

Holy cow! 

Thanks for joining us last month in sewing up #yourgoodtshirt – we had a great time with Adam from Aimless Arrow Embroidery! This month it’s about to get


#spookalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom

This is a very exciting little sew-along mini-series – hosted by myself with a little help from Marianne Kirby of @therotund and Traci Kay Pryde of @pryde.hantverk – two crafty friends I’ve known a very long time!

Bespoke Hogaboom, spook-along witch hat

Project one: a witch hat!

A witch hat is a simple affair – kinda. For pattern pieces, you’ve got a large circle brim with a smaller circle cut-out, and a cone shape for the crown. You can draft your own if you like, but for tutorial’s sake I’ll be using the instructions from this Etsy shop pattern, with a few minor changes. 

Materials needed:

1. Your pattern/instructions
2. 1 1/2 yards of heavy- or mid-weight fabric
3. 1+ yard interfacing
4. 1/2 yard lining fabric
5. 2 yards wire (I used 14 gauge solid, not stranded)
6. Electrical tape
7. Brim decor/netting/etc
6. Wire cutters

You’ll want to have your two paper pieces prepared, before our sew date of Saturday October 17th (5 PM Pacfic)

Bespoke Hogaboom, goth socks (shoes)

Project two: goth lace socks!

Materials needed:

1. your pattern/instructions (I recommend the Jalie thermal sock)
2. 1/2 yd four-way stretch knit
3. 18″ of two- or four-way stretch lace
4. wooly nylon/stretch thread (optional)
5. rhinestones and glue (optional)

I’ve made these socks many times (here are examples) and they are fun and make you feel like a posh little bitch! It is important to note that the way these socks work, the bottom part of the sock is in a four-way stretch knit – I think something at least 200 gsm works best. I like the bamboo stretch french terry from Nature’s Fabrics (make sure you get the stretch terry).The lace part of the sock, can be either two- or four-way. Galloon lace is a good lace – just make sure to check that it has some stretch.

You’ll want to have your pattern traced and cut, before our sew date of Monday October 26th (5 PM Pacific). Don’t worry! I’ll show you how to modify the pattern to use the two different types of fabric.

Bespoke Hogaboom, goth socks

It’s easy to miss a sew-along session – so please subscribe to my live calendar link if you want to get hooked in!

All events are at 5 PM Pacific; the sewing sessions will be broadcast on my Facebook page and my twitch (subscribe!)It’s a simple enough schedule – but here it is:

SAT 17: sewing our witch hat!
WED 21: IG LIVE witch hat recap & sewing side hustle chat with Traci Kay Pryde
MON 26: sewing our goth socks!
WED 28: IG LIVE sock recap & fat sewing chat with Marianne Kirby

It’s easy to miss a sew-along session if you don’t put it in your calendar – so please subscribe to my live calendar link if you want to get hooked in!

And we’ll see you for the 2020 SPOOK-ALONG!

#spookalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom
#spookalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom

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