Bespoke Hogaboom #wildwoodsewalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom

wildwood wrap dress sew-along

I can’t believe this is my penultimate sew-along of 2020! Time has really flown. I’m proud of myself too, that I’ve gone live every single Wednesday of 2020 (on my Bespoke Hogaboom Facebook page), because that has been a commitment in and of itself! Go me!

So! Thanks if you joined us last month for our semi-cursed #spookalong – we had a great time with Traci Kay Pryde from @pryde.hantverk and Marianne Kirby of @therotund (including an awesome “sewing while fat” chat)!

This month, I thought we could dress things up a bit! We are sewing up:

The Wildwood Wrap Dress from Sew House 7!

Now – I’m not trying to be confusing here, but I need to say I I am also sponsoring a giveaway and I’ll be making one lucky winner this custom dress live – free gratis! A custom-made dress from me typically starts at $350 – so this is a great gift! I’m going to go into a lot more detail at the bottom of the post, so please read on and read thoroughly before signing up!

I also roped in erm asked Ambrosia Kramer to join me! She is an astonishing stitcher and wonderful Instagrammer who also served as one of the models for the Wildwood’s dress pattern! She and I will be checking in together for the duration of the sew-along month!

Bespoke Hogaboom #wildwoodsewalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom

So let’s get to the deets!

I have said many, many times that Sew House 7’s patterns are very special for their exacting finishing methods. I don’t want to fangirl on at length here, but I will say there are tons of beginner sewing projects out there and there are a lot of great patterns that have standard techniques – which is fine! But Sew House 7 drops exactly the kind of patterns that will up your game. The construction and seam finishing is always so very particular and often a bit unusual. Since I’m a Technique Monster™, this suits me very well.

The Wildwood dress pattern’s purchase delivers two size ranges – regular and curvy – and it also comes in many printable forms. Highkey in love with the fact that there is both an A0 and a copyshop version and the copyshop length is included in the file!

Regular Fit
Bust: 31″ – 47″

Waist: 23 1/2″ – 39 1/2″
Hip: 34 – 50″

Curvy Fit
Bust: 45 1/2″ – 61 1/2″
Waist: 39 1/4″ – 57 1/4″
Hip: 49″ – 65″

Before I get to the materials you’ll need, I want to point out there are some great photos on Sew House 7’s site where you can really zoom in to see design details – and of course, you can go looking on IG for examples as well.

Materials needed:

1. your pattern and instructions
2. suitable woven, non-stretch fabric as per pattern requirements*
3. interfacing as per pattern requirements
6. optional: twill tape (for ties) and hook and eye

Important! You will want to have your pattern pieces printed/taped, graded and cut by Friday November 27th 5:30 PM Pacific. And – if you’re following along in November 2020 and you need help with grading and cutting, you can schedule a gratis appointment with me (shhh… don’t give this link out)!

And finally! The pattern itself is chock-full of every bit of information you can imagine for succeeding. However I want to caution you that this is definitely an intermediate project. If you feel at all uncertain about your chance of success, make sure to pick a crisper fabric – like a cotton, hemp, or linen – rather than a drapier one (like a rayon or satin, etc). Make sure, too, to schedule plenty of time to succeed. Remember: it’s not a race!

Bespoke Hogaboom #wildwoodsewalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom
Bespoke Hogaboom #wildwoodsewalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom

It’s easy to miss a sew-along session – so please subscribe to my live calendar link if you want to get hooked in!

All events are at 5:30 PM Pacific; and will take between one and two and a half hours (my best estimate at this time). The sewing sessions will be broadcast on my Facebook page and my twitch (subscribe!)

It’s a simple enough schedule – but here it is:

MON 23: IG LIVE with Peggy Mead of Sew House 7
TUE 24: IG LIVE with Ambrosia Kramer
FRI 27: cutting & marking our fabrics
SAT 28: bodice assembly
SUN 29: skirt & pockets
MON 30: finishing

It’s easy to miss a sew-along session if you don’t put it in your calendar – so please subscribe to my live calendar link if you want to get hooked in!

And we’ll see you for the #wildwoodsewalong!

OK giveaway peeps!

Signing up is super easy, but there are a few things you should know before you do!

1. To be eligible you must be following @bespokehogaboom on IG, and you must enter your information into the form below. Easy-peasy!

2. You will get to select your color (read more below) and I will be grading for your figure so it will fit just right! No major design changes will be made to the dress, obviously; after all, I’m demonstrating a pattern here!

3. This dress is yours in linen, and I have many colors available to select from! Should you win, after drawing your name I will send you several color options and you’ll pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. If you are super super narrow about color than perhaps this giveaway isn’t for you. There will be several options but for instance – black isn’t one of them (for the sew-along clarity’s sake)!

4. I will draw a name on Friday November 13th at 5:30 PM (on my bespokehogaboom IG Live). You don’t have to be there to win! I will send out an email to the winner by 6 PM that evening (make sure doesn’t go to spam)! I will need your color selections and your measurements (height, full bust, waist, and hip) within 24 hours of my email. If you do not reply with all of this information, I will move on to the next random drawing winner. No exceptions.

5. I’ll have this dress in the mail to our winner by Wednesday, December 2nd. How’s that for a turn-around?

And that’s it! Go ahead and sign up, and I will see you on IG!

Bespoke Hogaboom #wildwoodsewalong Sew-Along, Bespoke Hogaboom

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