jalie overalls sew-along

Jalie 972 Overalls (line drawing), Kelly Hogaboom / Bespoke Hogaboom
Jalie 972 Overalls (photo), Kelly Hogaboom / Bespoke Hogaboom

jalie 972 - overalls

Chest: 21 1/4″ – 65″
Waist: 20 1/8″ – 60 5/8″
Hip: 21 5/8″ – 66 1/2″
Size table

Loose-fitting overalls/dungarees including adjustable straps and oversize fit.

Jalie’s patterns are fantastic – they come in one of the largest size ranges I’ve ever seen! The instructions come in English, French, and Spanish. I love Jalie’s drafting, the directions, and the welcoming culture in their Facebook group.

This is a retro/reproduce – Jalie scanned in the pattern and photo from back in the day (yes, they’ve been around a long while!). The pattern is therefore not available in layers, but it is available in print-at-home, AO, and 36″ formats!

Let’s get moving! Overalls are about as tricky as jeans – just a few more steps. The Jalie instructions are so gorgeous because you can really “see ahead” which I always appreciate.

Remember: I will be sewing live, and I will embed and upload the entire video playlist here as I go.

Materials needed:

The Jalie 972 overall pattern (here).
Non-stretch bottomweight
Jean buttons
Overall clips & sliders

All-purpose thread
Topstitching thread*
Needles: denim (or heavy, sharp, universal); also double* and topstitch needles*
Tracing medium & tracing wheel
Paper & tape
Buttonhole chisel*

* Optional; watch the first video for more information

– as well as your tuned-up sewing machine and manual, cutting equipment, pins, scissors, iron and ironing board!

For fabric, I’m using a fantastic corduroy!

I’ll be sewing on three machines: my domestic Pfaff, a White serger (for seam finishing), and my Pfaff 130 (for topstitching). If you don’t have three machines never fear – I will be going over how to make the jeans if you are only sewing with one machine; however, I highly recommend you borrow and set up a second machine for topstitching.

This sew-along begins 5 PM Pacific on Tuesday June 1st, 2021, hosted on my Twitch channel; they are then uploaded to my Vimeo channel if you miss out! And all dates are hosted on my Calendar (here’s a live link you can add to your own).

TUE 1: cutting & marking
WED 2: bib and back/back pockets
THU 3: front & front pockets
FRI 4: finishing
SAT 5: finishing, pt two; hardware

I’m excited to create alongside you!

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