Enough talk!

product review: JimmyCase for the iPhone 6s

Full disclosure: this is an honest product review written in exchange for a complimentary case! Read on.

We’re a house divided; Ralph is partial to the Samsung Galaxy, and I’ve loved iPhones since he bought me my first. One thing I get to have, that he doesn’t though? Is a JimmyCase. I don’t remember the year I got my first iPhone, but I do remember splurging on my first JimmyCase two years ago exactly. I wanted an iPhone card holder that was compact and simple – something for my ID and the handful of debit and credit cards I use. I dunno, I have this dream of never ever having to carry a purse around (this is one reason everything I sew for myself has great-big-DEEP-pockets!) – and one thing I love is having this phone and my cards in one hand, all day long. The Pacific Northwest hipster in me approves of the mahogany detail; and the fiber artist in me adores the bright, thick elastic, too!