My fall 2019 release is here! This line been designed and manufactured in our own studio, on vintage equipment. 

These casualwear pieces reflect my artistic vision, my exacting craftsmanship, and my passion for working with discerning clients. Bespoke Hogaboom garments are inclusive of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes.

We have a 1% waste rate (as opposed to fast fashion’s 15%). Our garments are available in all sizes – all – with no upcharge if you are a plus size client. Finally, each piece is available through interest-free financing and a customized payment plan.

I have one bill left to pay on this project! Your donations help a great deal. Patrons who donate will receive a custom Bespoke Hogaboom patch, a voucher for 10% off garment or services and (if you opt in) exclusive updates from my studio.

Thank you so much for your continued support!


Any amount helps! Choose your donation:

Kelly Hogaboom, closeup (white background)