I can’t find the blog post I must have detailed when my daughter’s little leopard gecko went missing – but it’s been at least a year since we laid eyes on her. So when, in the middle of a rather un-fun argument with my husband I saw (over his shoulder) the reptile stroll casually out of our pantry, well I mean I usually have control over my voice and gross motor actions but my face and body went to a total expression of surprise and there was a small flurry as we re-obtained the little critter.

Anna is looking large, fierce, and her tail has re-grown to all its former glory and color. We still had her gear (the pet shop owner in town told us these geckos were tough and that the lizard would probably survive – turns out she was right) and had her re-set up within the hour. But given how well Anna did on her own, I wondered if I should have just left her in the house? Without another gecko it’s not like there would have been a resultant breeding problem.

Anna's Back!

So – welcome back, little lizard! And here are some big fat mealworms, which I’m sure you missed.