Blue, Ivory, Deep Red
It was torture not to blog one of my more recent sewing projects. I couldn’t chronicle it on the off-chance the intended recipients would see me do so on Facebook!

I don’t know why I like making baby buntings so much. Part of it is the size; no unwieldy amount of yardages to haul around. Suffice to say they are one of my favorite things to sew!

My Design Sketch, Pattern
I have taken to sketching my ideas first. If I was super-organized I’d have a notebook of all this; but, I’d rather sew than document.

Embroiderins & Bastin'
Ralph came up with the horn template. Which is pretty cool. It looks lethal. In a really soft, baby sort of way.

The tail is one of my favorite parts. I love all the free-hand (fins, embroidery) I got to do on this project.

I knit a super-soft hat in Cascade 220. I tried to do a little chain-stitch and applique on the hat, but it sucked, so I removed it. Our new gas furnace is super-great for fast blocking.

Ye Wee Narwhal
Voila! Ready for some fierce, marine-themed snuggling.

Full Flickr set here; pattern review here.