pie hustle part deux

Two Layer Dark Chocolate Cream; With:

Homemade pie awesomeness. Both of them with a slow-cooked dark chocolate custard. But that’s just the bottom layer. The pie on the left includes a vanilla layer and is topped with homemade whipped cream w/Mexican vanilla. Pie on the right, same as the pie on the left but with roasted coconut as well. I hear some of you assholes don’t like coconut, so whatever. Thought I’d defer to your taste.

You’ve got until 6:30 to reserve a pie. $20 apiece. Normally $25 but I’m having a sale. A black market, clandestine pie sale.

pie hustle of the day

Double-Layer Chocolate Cream With Roasted Coconut

Last night I made a batch of fresh pies. Double-layer chocolate cream with roasted coconut – topped with whipped cream and Mexican vanilla. You know like, old school, standing at the stove stirring up the rich dark chocolate pudding for the filling, roasting coconut (carefully!) in the oven, which is one of the best smells either.

We have one fresh pie left. You want or need a pie? It’s yours!

Double-Layer Chocolate Cream With Roasted Coconut

$25. Serves ten. Or eight if you like lots of rich deliciousness! 6 PM deadline. Text or call 360 500 3287 or email kelly AT hogaboom DOT org.