“touch it with your… touch it with your skin” (03:16)

Here’s the scoop – I made this wonderful whipped body butter, out of nut and seed oils, and it is incredible. A single tear slides down my cheek, how lovely it is. However I accidentally made a bucket’s worth! I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of packaging it up if I didn’t think it wasn’t incredible, lovely stuff!


Oh, and whipping a bunch of oils up in the kitchen can seem a little scary and messy. I just went real slow and when I was done, I carefully put the bowls and implements in my bathtub for bathtime. Which was awesome.

The listing on Homesewn includes links if you’d like to make your own. In the meantime, COME FEEL MY SKIN, it’s so soft and lovely. I mean like, feel my elbow or something. Nothing weird.