like a 22 lb. sack of potatoes

Our resources are dwindling and we have a move in the next couple weeks, which requires a deposit and all that jazz. Today Ralph transfers me over $14 and with $10.84 of that I buy a lovely little bouquet at the florist’s (we have the sweetest florist here in HQX) and, along with a homemade card, bring it up to day surgery where a friend in Recovery is having the second horrid little procedure in thirty days. I’ve had a similar procedure so I know what this person is going through. It means a lot to me to see his eyes and smile light up in surprise. The homemade card was awesome, by the way. It was a picture of a kidney with a vicious (hand-drawn by Phoenix) monster attacking it. Kinda like that gout illustration that makes me laugh so.

Later we take a hike up a steep hill and I pack a baby. On my hip. I would have been out of breath anyway, but the lack of carrier / backpack made things trickier. The last few days we have had a lovely weather reprieve here – warm and sunny – but while walking today we got rained on and turned back a bit early. I took the kids swimming a bit later and tried to work studiously on more sewing projects. Ideas are flying swiftly through my brain, but it takes a while to sew them up. Here’s a hint for one of them.

In somewhat non sequitur news, I turn 35 on Saturday. I’m pretty – as we said in the 90s – stoked. I have a lot to be grateful for, and I know I’m the perfect age for me.