rise and shine, sleepyheads!

Our last full day at the conference. Morning:

Another Morning At #LiG2012!


Tigress #LiG2012

Having just listened to Ronnie Maier’s talk, “Leveling Up: Advancing Your Unschooling”, and then Mary Gold’s closing remarks, Ralph and I picked up coffee right across the street at the (semi-)new Torque (small world, our housesitter knows one of the employees). Now Ralph’s off to do a last bit of laundry and grab a movie for this evening, and I’m about to go to a meeting. Tonight my brother and his girlfriend are coming up to visit and we’re going out to dinner. It’s our last night in the hotel, and tomorrow we have a picnic with the Life is Good attendees remaining.

You know I haven’t taken any pictures that indicate the volume of people, and the level of energy at this thing. A picture couldn’t encompass it anyway. But I’m guessing others have made a few films and those will pop up online and I can link to them later. A few minutes ago I cornered Mary Gold, the conference organizer, and thanked her for a wonderful time. Then we told her we’d tell all our friends about it. I have this wee dream of getting a schooling family to go and check it out. I have another dream to do a double-hustle and raise funds for next year so our family could go, and we could also send another family,¬†preferably¬†one who couldn’t afford to attend otherwise and/or a family of color.

But these plans and shenanigans can wait. For now, it’s time to rest and take care of myself a bit on the last leg of our journey. We’re still having a wonderful time.


From VooDoo.

THAT JUST HAPPENED, @cidlough Brings Me A Bacon-Topped Doughnut From VooDoo

Brought to me by a be-Twittered mama here at Life is Good. How awesome is that?!

Just finished teaching people how to sew on a button. I had three and a half students, plus several adorable kids wanting to snatch buttons for this or that. We all had a great time. Now, off to find a Recovery meeting. Then: helping the photographer at the Better-Than-Prom Extravaganza!

Peace out.