a study in tiny fluffy insignificance

Stealth Mission
These chicks party all night then suddenly sleep at the same time. I tried to sneak up on them and snap a picture – but they’re light sleepers. So I inched forward imperceptibly for several minutes. One would lift it’s head up and cock an eye and I’d halt. Then it’s eye would get sleepy and it would slowly, slowly lower it’s beak to the straw. Unfortunately the digital camera we borrowed makes a tiny sound right before it clicks the shot – thus some of them are stirring in this picture. I wish I had a picture of them beaks-out. It’s just ridiculous.

As evidenced by Ralph’s initial criminal lineup, we’ve had these little guys (and gals) for just over a week and they’ve grown enormously! In an act Ralph compared to N. Korea’s nuclear testing bravado, this morning one of them flew up to the edge of the box and perched there momentarily.

(names: Striker, Swayze, Snow White, Guinevere, Peeperton)