In my next broadcast, I’ll be sharing some resources and discussions regarding food: the production of, topical news regarding, and the cultural experiences of what we eat.

I would love your help on one topic*: comfort or soul food. That is, what do you love to eat that, like nothing else, consistently provides both emotional and physical nourishment? What do you make yourself, for an easy meal? What do you most like prepared for you – especially in a home-cooking setting? What (if anything) do you enjoy preparing for others?

It should go without saying: you probably won’t want to listen to this podcast while hungry, or it may drive you wild!

You can post here, send me a reply through twitter (@kellyhogaboom), text or call (360.500.3287), or email me at kelly dot hogaboom dot org. Thank you!

* Of course, any links, thoughts, writings, or recordings you send my way will be considered!