vesti la guibba

My husband is all kinds of talented. Seriously. And if you’re wondering – yes, he wrote and performed the song in the video. Yes, he is better at makeup – and heels – than I.

Yeah. He’s a good egg.

So, yesterday marked the last performance of the Rocky Horror Show here in Aberdeen. I attended as many performances as I could – four in all. Not only did they do a great homage to one of my favorite bits of cinematic “trash”, they gave so many laughs, so much joy, to our community. Just GAVE those gifts to us. I am so impressed with how much work went into this production. Talk about blood, sweat, and tears!

I am also proud of my community, which supported – and enjoyed – the show in a big way. Grays Harbor is fabulous!

And by the way, there is nothing less glamorous than theatre. Yesterday I helped out after the show on a few kinds of rather intense cleanup, and today I think I need a tetanus shot.

stuff that happened

Opening Night!

Tonight is opening night for RHPS by the Driftwood Players, and I am so excited to go to the first official performance. I can tell you, if you are a local, you should check it out! (Or even if you’re not that local!) As for the bouquet, I am faithful to a local florist and I adore her. She continues to impress me both in quality of work, and in generosity. This little bouquet is fitted with lots of glitter, fishnet, exotic purples and reds, and shiny black boa-feathers. I love it!

Dinner Date

Last night, out late, very tired – but cheered immensely by the company of my family.


An inside joke between my Friday-date children and I. Little E. drew a “Meemerd”, and I adore it.


Last night we had a total of six “extra” kids in and out our home. I made a slow-cooked chili, honey cornbread, a fudge-frosted zebra-stripe cake, and served iced wild cherry Pepsi. At the end of a long night five of the six did not want to leave, and a few of them outright begged to stay.

Ralph and I are doing something right.

what with all the shenanigans and goings-on

First Night Of Rehearsals

Tonight was Ralph’s first night in rehearsals for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, put on by the Driftwood Players. We found  him a wee floral arrangement and made him a card – with lots of lipsticky glitter, natch.

Silk Jacket For A Client

I sent off a fully-tailored silk coat to a client. I spent about forty hours on this project – a great deal of this in hand-work. It was a real learning experience, and I mean that both in a positive way but also the kind of way where you cry many tears.

More sewing – my first pair of jeans:

Jeans (Jean-ius Class On Craftsy)

Jeans (Jean-ius Class On Craftsy)

Jeans (Jean-ius Class On Craftsy)

I copy-catted these off am RTW pair that fits the owner well, thanks to the Jean-ius class on Craftsy. This was an amazing process! I consider my results successful, too. However, these are only the first pair and I’m going to be distressing them and setting rivets, so what you see here is not the final product.

Some work of Phoenix’s:

Birthday Present: Designed By Phee

Birthday Present: Designed By Phee

She had sketched this lovely little fox, so we sewed it up in faux fur and wool, as part of a birthday gift for a friend.

Wee Finn

Still more sewing! My latest Finn hat – a design I ended up adoring – and a footed pair of PJs. Better pictures soon if I can get my shit together.

The new Hands On Childrens Museum:

At The New HOCM

At The New HOCM

At The New HOCM

At The New HOCM

At The New HOCM

My Little Dude. He loved driving so much. But at one point while he was driving the fire truck, I pretended to be run down by him. That made him cry, so I kept further horseplay a decidedly non-matricidal type.