i’m sorry i haven’t written much of late, but:

I am experiencing high call volume.

And by that I mean, a double-dose of kidney problems. That’s right. BOTH kidneys.


I laugh (and I post a clip from one of the best movies of all time, and before I die there is nothing I’d like more than to star in a stage adaptation), but the truth is this has been most discouraging. I don’t know how I got through Sunday night and Monday, but by Tuesday night I had capitulated and taken some prescribed, and narcotic, pain medicine. I take the medicine at night which means I feel pain, nausea, and awfulness during the day. But taking the medicine during the day would mean doing nothing during the day. I have at the very least to drive and pick up my daughter from school.

It isn’t like my kidneys to take this long to pass stones, and it isn’t like them to both be seizing at the same time. I can wait a while longer but then another CAT scan or xray, and possibly another procedure, may be in my future. Expense, radiation, needles, fear, vomiting, invasion – and my husband, doing more than his share while I recover.

I will write more soon; promise. Thank you for your patience.