yay for old school!

"Like A Spartan God!"
I love my Spartan. I bought it for $50 for Sophie. She sews on it a little; I sew on it a bit more; Ralph sews on it! My 201 being in the shop, and my Kenmore not quite having the balls I need, my littlest guy is working just fine.

Finally - Trimming Stitches!
Do you know what this means? These pinked seam allowances mean I’ve settled on a corset fit. The corset is still slightly too large – lacing relatively tight with only 1″ of gap. However, I’m happy enough with it and besides: making it smaller or lacing it tighter makes it shorter on my torso. Right now, it’s perfect.

Waist Reinforcement
I then stitched the twill tape to the waist as reinforcement. Easy and fun! Some may not like the horizontal stitching lines on the outside of corset – but I like anything that adds texture!

"New" Needles
As long as we’re going retro; I bought needles in the thrift store in Oly yesterday. I broke the seal today (I am a believer in occasionally using useful, well-made, older goods!) and found the perfect needle for invisible-knotting through my stiff corset shell. These needles are Bell brand; ever heard of them?