It’s Friday.

Eggplant babies! I’m not expecting, but I *am* making this for dinner tonight.

One of my favorite “that guys”a video montage.

In an online climate of wonderful political commentary, I bring you: Little Face Mitt

Speaking of the abovementioned candidate, here’s some verbatim.

A long, thoughtful piece: The Ethics of Writing about Sexual Abuse: Gawker and Cord Jefferson

Craft: Halloween ghosts from corn husks!

Craft: Butterick pattern downloads are just 99 cents for a couple days.

Food: thanks to a friend’s very kind gift, I am finally able to buy the long, long-coveted – as in I’ve wanted one for three years – takoyaki pan. In related news, the art of cooking, in general, is amazing.

Local: new safety implementations at The Graveyard of the Pacific