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tv time! and other failures of late

I’ve been very sick for two and a half days – a cold that has me wrecked. Dizzy, coughing, sneezing, congested, the lot. Yesterday the cold conspired with a nasty kidney stone and I was shaking and sweating in my bedroom, listening to my mother in the other room talking cheerfully while devouring a fresh bowl of pancit made by my husband. I didn’t precisely want no company, but I wasn’t fit to entertain either.

Rather incredible how, when being confined to bedrest, the world instantly seems smaller and more daunting.

I’ve caught up on television and film; I watched The Big Clock (1948), Carol (2015), Tangerine (2015)epic!, and finished off “Penny Dreadful” with a girlfriend’s company (via Twitter). I tried to watch “The Man in the High Castle” (I probably don’t have the U.S. history chops to understand much), and even gave “Daredevil” another spin, as well as the new(ish) season of “Whitechapel”.

Sound like a lot of telly? Well for me, it absolutely is, because while I like watching television just fine I don’t tend to watch it daily, and especially not all day.

No, life right now consists of me shuffling from bed to bathroom (to pee, or shower), back to bed. Getting popsicle and water deliveries from my family. Getting just a few hours of sleep per night. Steadfastedly not worrying about earnings I can’t make, appointments I must cancel, and an upcoming trip I need to prepare for.

No, today life is about the practice of patience.

Easy to talk about it. Not so easy to practice it.

Penny Dreadful on Twitter

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior

in retrospect, most films with the title “Cyborg” in them don’t really work out so hot

I know y’all missed #BondBFFs. But you know what? My friend Court and I are at it again! By the way there are PRIZES associated with this wonderful venture! (Read on:)

Follow @BmovieBFFs & I next Tuesday 7 PST for…


American Cyborg: Steel Warrior

which we will be watching and tweeting (and FBing).

Yeah you heard me. AMERICAN CYBORG: STEEL WARRIOR! This 1993 gem (33% on Rotten Tomatoes… and that’s a stretch) is basically a straight-up Terminator rip-off. The “Sarah Connor” figure however carries her future-hope-of-man fetus in a glass jug in a backpack (if memory serves) and the film features such dialogue gems as, “You’re a cyborg! You lied to me!” (son of a BITCH how many times has this happened to me?! Men!), and “You want me to take off my pants?”

If you can’t find a copy – (although you can rent or buy it on a few streaming sites) – let me know. I can hook you up.

I have a VHS COPY of this film. If you want it, enter your name by PMing, texting, emailing (kelly AT hogaboom DOT org), the word “CYBORG-ERRIFIC” at me. I will be doing a drawing and mailing out the VHS in a timely manner so the “lucky” winner can watch with us next Tuesday!

Get your best post-apocalyptic greasy-hair, leathers, and denim vest on and LET’S DO THIS!

everybody needs to settle down & remember that life is delicious

Soooooo some of you know I am on Twitter and I like to tweet. What can I say? #jesusshrug

Anyway yesterday I logged in a time or two and saw people were pretty grouchy about this and that. I got this idea: they all needed some homemade refrigerator pickles. So maybe they could calm down a bit and re-evaluate their life’s priorities. I dunno.

Because yes, I make delicious fridge pickles. And thanks to my friend Chris and my husband Ralph, I had the supplies needed to make a dozen pints extra (besides the batch we’ll be keeping for ourselves). This time around I also added pink peppercorns, which are beautiful, a little bit more floral in flavor than black pepper, and feel all fancy because they cost $45.00 per pound.

I had one taker send me a donation – so today we took pickles along with us on our errands. I took two jars along, in case after our first pickle-friend we ran into someone we had to give emergency-pickles to.

Love Pickles

We had a heck of a time finding someone “grouchy” to give them too. People kept saying they were doing good. Finally Ralph confessed our difficulties to the gentleman who is half-proprietor at one of our local Thai restaurants. The fellow got excited and said he’d pretend to be grouchy if he could be the pickle-recipient! Here’s an After shot:

Love Pickles

That was pretty fun times.

Ralph’s taking half the remaining jars to RHPS practice tonight. He’s also dancing in his new stiletto go-go boots, which arrived in the mail today. I’m hoping he doesn’t carry jars of pickles, while wearing those boots. Seriously. The last thing that crew needs is some briny, allspice-and-vinegar slippery scene going on.